Saturday, February 20, 2010


me and nat went shopping the other day for fabric and other crafty things. we've been wanting some new jewellery but havent been able to find what we want o we thought we would try make some pieces. these are some of our buys...

some always useful studs which i might use for buttons on a shirt or maybe to decorate a tee
a piece of thin baby pink leather and two tan shoelaces which we're going to plait together and put some gold loops throughout it and then put a proper fastener at the end
some braid to make some bracelets. the black one is a really thick plait.
some gold chain for necklaces, bracelets etc
some real leather for rings etc

and last but not least some feathers.
all these things were form Geoffs Emporium and then we headed off to Global Fabrics and got these...
some A-MAZ-ING fur thats so soft and warm
we're going to attempt to make a fur shawly-vest thing
and then finally i got some blue and white polka dot tog fabric to make a high waisted bikini!

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