Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im Loving Angels Instead

i also really want these pants, they're too cute but i think i might try make them and buy this Karen walker dress instead. its only $169 which is really good.
(the pants are like $270 btw)
now i cant wait for winter when i will be able to wear the coat. well thats if i get it, i might layby it! which is really exciting for me, i've never layby-ed anything before

Saturday, February 20, 2010


me and nat went shopping the other day for fabric and other crafty things. we've been wanting some new jewellery but havent been able to find what we want o we thought we would try make some pieces. these are some of our buys...

some always useful studs which i might use for buttons on a shirt or maybe to decorate a tee
a piece of thin baby pink leather and two tan shoelaces which we're going to plait together and put some gold loops throughout it and then put a proper fastener at the end
some braid to make some bracelets. the black one is a really thick plait.
some gold chain for necklaces, bracelets etc
some real leather for rings etc

and last but not least some feathers.
all these things were form Geoffs Emporium and then we headed off to Global Fabrics and got these...
some A-MAZ-ING fur thats so soft and warm
we're going to attempt to make a fur shawly-vest thing
and then finally i got some blue and white polka dot tog fabric to make a high waisted bikini!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

went to town last night with Zoe, Alex, Gee and Sophie. Really really want to buy those Jeffrey Campbell shoes now seeing as i spent most of the night in agony from these shoes!!!

Karen Walker top, Urban Outfitters scalloped shorts, Pulp shoes, assorted necklaces. lipstick is a mixture of MAC Cyber and Myth
photos by Zoe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poly Lovin'

i think im officially addicted to polyvore, its so much easier to create an outfit when you dont have to pay the extremely expensive prices. this outfit would be perfect for our summer weather at the moment
those Atacoma wedges again, i love them.
i really need to get a new handbag, this Alexander McQueen is so cool, it reminds me of the one nat got in america from urban outfitters, so jealous!

theres plenty more polyvore to come but i thought i wouldn't get too excited and post them all at once

also need to get on to getting my prescription raybans before summer ends. it would be nice to finally be able to see wearing sunglasses...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Party Fever

my good friend Rose is having her 18th in two weeks, so many people have just turned 18 so im getting really excited for hers because she always has cool themed parties and im dreaming of it being like this...

or if she had an indian themed party!
but mainly just so i can wear this cool headdress

Happy Birthday Antonia!

Antonia turned 18 yesterday so we all went to The Longroom in Ponsonby to celebrate

urban outfitters top, forever21 jeans, trademe shoes, glassons bag,

georgia and gee
rose and alex
pearl alex and cleo
louise zoe and alex

Shoe blues

thinking about it for awhile and when i say awhile, i really mean all of yesterday, but i really really want some new heels, the ones i posted before were a weeny bit out of my price range, so i found these amazing Jeffrey Campbell 99 heels that i just might have to buy.

but sadly they are out of stock in my size, so i'll probably have to wait forever till they get in new stock. if you spend over $199 dollars you get free international shipping, so my sister, natalie, is going to get these Jeffrey Campbell Tryst heels

Sunday, February 7, 2010

my life would be complete..

Jeffery Campbell,Acne Atacoma platform, Ashish for Topshop

Anna Selezneva shot by Hedi Slimane